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Precision & Quality

      Alatnica RK & NK is a company specialized in high-quality mold design and       manufacturing of plastic injection,rubber pressing and metal stamping molds and dies.    

Designing and manufacturing small and medium sized injection molds, stamping and rubber pressing dies.
Design engineering plastic, metal and rubber parts with the help of 3D cad such as solidworks, inventor etc.
If your design is not finished yet or you only have a sketch or an idea on paper, we assist you in design engineering and building the right 3D cad files.
If you only have a sample, we are able to scan your product and we will make a 3D model.


Lazarpop Trajkov Br.32/1-1 
1000 Skopje, Macedonia


Email: Phone:  +389 75 47 90 80
               +389 75 43 83 94


Plastic injection moulding
Metal stamping
rubber pressing